It might be worthwhile to also talk about unhappiness. Whenever we are feeling unhappy, it maybe of 3 kinds:

  1. Due to lack of things.
  2. Due to problems in relationships.
  3. Due to lack of understanding.

All issues that make us unhappy can be categorised into one or more of these. For instance, diseases or health issues are a combination of 1 (e.g. lack of antibodies against a virus) and 3 (lack of understanding of health).

And until the issues stay, we might not be happy. The unhappiness due to lack of things stays until we get the thing or realise that we don’t need that thing to be happy. Similarly, unhappiness due to problems in relationships goes away as soon as we learn to live in harmony in relationships.

The problem due to lack of understanding is of major concern. Until we can understand the whole existence the way it is, this kind of unhappiness continues in one form or the other.

But the point to pay heed is that all these problems are solvable. We can solve the lack of things, problems in relationships as well as work on our understanding. Thus, living in perpetual happiness is possible.

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