When we buy anything, we pay a price for it. What does this price really signify?

Let’s take an example of a Car. When we buy a car there is some part of it that goes to the dealership for maintaining the showroom and staff and putting in the time for running the showroom. So what’s the real price of the Car?

The dealer got it from the manufacturer. The manufacturer maintains the production facility and the labours for manufacturing the car, and then there is the cost of the raw material.

Now, where does this raw material come from? The metal for the car is mined and processed by the mining industry. But what’s the real price of this raw material?

It’s actually free. Nature doesn’t charge anything for any of the raw material that we use to make the car. The real cost is that of the human effort that goes into shaping that raw material and getting it into your hands.

This is true for all the things that we buy. The things are essentially free in nature. The price we pay is just for the human effort that goes into it. When we are buying something, we are not really buying the thing, but the right to use it in that form created by human effort.

Everything that we use, comes from nature for free and ultimately will go back to nature. And nature doesn’t charge us a fee for using the resources. It makes things available to us without asking for anything in return.

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